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Kibum be like “let me introduce you to my girlfriend”


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 heenim in MAMACITA

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It’s about nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things.

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Who would’ve thought?

yall are killin me with this accurary tho

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Let me tell you something about this account.
To start off, I find it disgusting and stupid. I see a koreaboo who is completely obsessed with kpop. I can NOT stand koreaboos. I am Korean and guess what? MY CULTURE ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT KPOP AND KDRAMAS SO STOP BASING IT OFF THAT SHIT. We are famous for that yes, but are we entirely entitled to it? Haha fucking no. I also see that the person has an obsession with weight. I hope that person recovers.
But I will not let the koreaboo part go. It’s an insult to my culture. I’d love to say that all Koreans despise koreaboos. We do not like them or appreciate them. Is our race some sort of machine? Just copying us? This blogger needs to get mental help and realize he/she will never be Korean and needs a taste of reality. You think kpop is something you can randomly join? No. It’s hell while living your dream. The schedules are crazy and the expectations are ridiculous. And since you’re not Korean, you will be judged. I’m not saying all Koreans are judgmental, but our culture is highly expected to be perfect and if someone can’t achieve that, they are looked down upon. I have lived in a Korean community and society so if you have no experience on that or are just simply relying on your love for kpop/kdramas, shut the fuck up and don’t even try to accuse me of “racism”.
If you want to be in the kpop industry, join. Just don’t be a koreaboo. I’m not excluding anyone. But I will never take koreaboos. My culture isn’t something they can copy.

Bolding the parts I strongly agree with. And restating the most important part: My culture isn’t something they can copy.

THAT BLOG IS SO GROSS. That person is objectifying the Asian race. Shaving your lashes to look more Asian?? and “I’m looking more Korean everyday”?? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN??WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE TO YOU? OUR FACES ARE NOT A FASHION STYLE YOU CAN JUST COPY! WE’RE NOT OBJECTS! STOP TRYING TO LOOK “ASIAN” THERE IS NOT SUCH THING.

Uh sorry.. But Asians try to look more White all the time. Getting double eyelid surgery. Dying their hair blond. Buying clothing purposely to match the style over here. You can’t just fucking tell some people not to do, tell everyone. It’s not just the Asians people try to copy. MAYBE some people want to look different for what they like. You can’t tell me that there are kpop artist that even try to look more White or Black…

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[ROUGH VERSION] Block B - Be The Light

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